Application Privacy Policy

Article 1 (Definition)

This Application Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Privacy Policy”) establishes the treatment of user information in the smart phone application (hereinafter referred to as “this app”) and the service related to this app (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) provided by Onacasoft Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “this company”). For this company’s contact information, see Article 8.

Article 2 (Items, Usage Purposes, and Acquisition Methods of Acquired Information)

When this app and this service are used, usage history of this app will automatically be acquired via the application. The acquired data will be used for the following purposes only.

 1. To improve this app and this service.
 2. For the research and development of new applications and new services by this company.

Article 3 (Agreement)

Please use this app and this service after confirming and understanding the content of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is posted on this company’s website, and is considered official from the time of posting. Users should confirm this Privacy Policy when installing this application.

Article 4 (External Transmission)

Information acquired according to Article 2 will be transferred to the following external services, and used within the scope of the specified purposes.

 1.App Analytics
  Corporations: Apple Inc.
  Privacy Policy:
 2.Google Analytics for Firebase
  Corporations: Google LLC
  Privacy Policy:

Article 5 (User Involvement Methods)

Information acquired according to Article 2 cannot be changed, deleted, or suspended through user operations or requests.

Article 6 (End of Services and Treatment of Information)

If a user deletes (uninstalls) this app and this service, usage will be deemed terminated. However, information acquired according to Article 2 will remain with the outside services posted in Article 4.

Article 7 (Disclosing and Offering Information)

This company will not disclose or offer information acquired and saved through this app or this service to third parties without obtaining the user’s consent. However, the following cases are excluded.

 1. Cases based on the law.
 2. Cases in which it is necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body, or assets, and in which it is difficult to obtain consent from the user.
 3. Cases in which the law mandates that it is necessary to cooperate with the duties of national government organizations, local public bodies, or parties entrusted by such organizations or bodies, and in which obtaining the user’s consent is liable to obstruct the accomplishment of those duties.
 4. Other cases in which this company deems it necessary according to common sense, and in which obtaining the user’s consent is difficult.

Article 8 (Inquiry Contact)

Inquiries and consultations regarding the treatment of user information in this app and this service will be received at the following.
 ■Inquiry method: Through the email address below
 ■Inquiry email address:

Article 9 (Changes)

This Privacy Policy may be reformed.

 1. If any changes or additions are made to user information acquisition items, usage purposes, or third party provision in the event of an update of this app, users will be notified before download, and their consent will be once again obtained on important items at the time of the first startup after installation.